Public Domain & PLR work

Copyright considerations of items in the Public Domain

Work that is in the Public Domain does not have any copyright restrictions and can be used, copied and reproduced at will. The area of computer games and computer programs is commonly associated with public domain software or freeware. This is software that is distributed freely without any charges and is marked clearly as being public domain.

Public Domain software or Freeware available on the internet

After copyright expires work falls into the Public Domain

Apart from work made before 1923 when copyright law come into practice an item must be clearly marked as public domain for it to be used as such. As well as work intended for public reproduction and use some copyright free work is in the public domain due to the expiration of the period of copyright.

Before 1923 work was not copyright protected

Private Label Rights work can be rewritten as your own work

PLR or Private Label Rights refer to work or software that the rights have been sold by the author of the work. The new owner of the PLR work can resell, copy and distribute the work as they see fit. Private Label Rights work can be rewritten or plagiarised and can then be resold as your own work.

PLR Software & Articles available for a fee to reuse

There are many PLR products available on the internet, including ebooks, software and articles. The authors may be offering to sell the Private Label Rights of their products, giving you the oppertunity to use, alter and distribute their work without any copyright restrictions. Depending on the fees involved buying PLR work may be a cost effective way to obtain articles, ebooks and other products that you can pass off as your own work without any copyright problems arising.

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